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Body Contouring and Breast Surgery | Carl Englebardt, M.D.

arrow Breast Augmentation – Surgery to enlarge the breasts. For the past few years I have been exclusively using saline filled implants for augmentation. With the safety of gel implants now all but assured, and with newer gel implants on the horizon, I will probably start offering them again at some point in the future. Gel implant augmentations generally have a more natural look and feel than saline augmentations, although in properly selected patients, saline implants can provide very nice results.

Breast Augmentation - Before and After Both saline and gel implants have advantages and disadvantages. Breast augmentation has definite limitations in that it is impossible to create a “perfect” female breast, whether saline or gel implants are used. Such limitations must be understood and accepted. When patients have realistic expectations, most are quite pleased with their results. Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis.
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arrow Breast Reduction/Mastopexy (breast lift)Surgery to lift and/or reduce then size of the breasts. I utilize at least three different procedures depending upon the amount of lift/reduction that is desired. Often, breast augmentation is combined with breast lifting.

Breast Reduction - Before and After If certain criteria are met, insurance companies may cover the costs of breast reduction surgery. Minimal breast lifting procedures can be done under local anesthesia, however, most breast lift and breast reduction procedures require general anesthesia.

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arrow Liposuction – Surgery to vacuum away unwanted fat. Liposuction is an effective procedure for body sculpting, not for weight loss. The ideal patient is one who is relatively young, is not significantly overweight, is generally in good shape, and has a few problem areas such as lateral thighs (saddle bags), love handles, or other fairly localized areas of concern.

Body Contouring: Liposuction - Before and After I feel that traditional liposuction using very fine instruments is preferable to ultrasonic liposuction (UAL), although I do use UAL for some select cases. Liposuction of small areas can be performed under local infusion anesthesia while more extensive cases are usually best performed under general anesthesia.

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arrow Abdominoplasty and Body Lifting – Surgical excision of excess skin and fat with tightening of abdominal wall structures. Abdominoplasty addresses the abdomen only, while body lifting removes a circumferential band of tissue, thereby addressing not only the abdomen but also flank and back areas.

Body Contouring: Abdominoplasty - Before and AfterThe more extensive procedure also lifts the buttocks and lateral thighs and is particularly effective for people who have lost significant amounts of weight. Lifting procedures can also address other areas of the body including the inner thighs and lax upper arms. Abdominoplasty and circumferential body lifting procedures can be extensive and require general anesthesia and one to three nights hospital stay.

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