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Thank you for visiting my website! You are one of millions of people who are considering having cosmetic surgery to improve appearance—you are certainly not alone in your interest. Cosmetic surgery can improve your body image and enhance your self-esteem. Over the years, improvements in techniques and technology have enabled cosmetic surgeons to achieve excellent, reliable results.

When the “right” person teams up with the “right” cosmetic surgeon, the results can be wonderful. Who is the “right” person for cosmetic surgery? The right person is someone who wants cosmetic surgery to please him or herself rather than strictly to meet someone else’s expectations. The right person has reasonable expectations and understands that all surgery, is an art, not an exact science. The goal in any cosmetic surgery procedure should be improvement not perfection, as perfection in any endeavor is impossible to achieve. The right person understands that cosmetic surgery is real surgery and that complications can occur. Revisions are sometimes necessary to achieve optimal results.

The “right” cosmetic surgeon, on the other hand, must possess the following characteristics:

  • Good judgment – By integrating intelligence, knowledge and experience, the surgeon with good judgement is able to diagnose accurately and formulate the best surgical (or non-surgical) treatment plan.
  • Technical competence – The most brilliantly conceived operation might be a total failure if the surgeon cannot operate well. You want a surgeon with “golden hands.”
  • Artistic Sensibility – Obviously this is an important quality for any surgeon dealing with aesthetic concerns.
  • Experience – As with any skill, there is a surgical learning curve. Experience is necessary to become and remain competent. Choose a surgeon who has been in practice for a number of years and who regularly performs the type of cosmetic surgery you desire.
  • Enthusiasm – People perform well when they enjoy what they do. Choose a surgeon who has a spark of passion about cosmetic surgery. Avoid a surgeon to whom cosmetic surgery has become nothing more than a lucrative business venture.
  • Compassion – This is critical. Even the most competent surgeon can be ineffective if he/she is not a kind and caring individual who places the patient’s best interest above all other considerations at all times.

How does one go about finding the “right” cosmetic surgeon? Check into the following:

  • Training – There is no substitute for training at a well-respected medical center. Inquire into where the surgeon went to medical school as well as where and in what specialty he/she did residency training.
  • Board certification – While not a guarantee of competency, board certification is proof that a surgeon has completed necessary training and was able to pass oral and written examinations given by the specialty board. While many surgical specialties now embrace cosmetic surgery, the gold standard is still certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
  • Recommendations – Ask your doctor, friends or relatives for a recommendation. The experience of satisfied (and dissatisfied) people is an important consideration. People who work in hospital operating rooms (nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists) get to know surgeons’ capabilities and are good sources of information.
  • Type of practice – Does a surgeon operate at a teaching hospital where residents may be involved with patient care, or at a community hospital where the surgeon has sole responsibility? Does the surgeon operate at a hospital or at a freestanding surgical center? Think about which settings you are most comfortable with.

Over the past 21 years, thousands of people have felt that I was the “right” surgeon for them and have entrusted me with their care. I hope that you find my website to be interesting and informative. Please e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns, and call my office if you would like to schedule a cosmetic surgery consultation.

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